Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Am A Lucky Person.

There is a girl that Boy and I know, and she will be called Alli.
Alli is smart and sweet and curvy. She giggles alot and is absolutely adorable. In my experience, she is very sub-oriented indeed. She is the type of girl who will go and put on a pretty skirt and a lower cut shirt if I tell her to in the right tone of voice.
I like this girl.
Sadly, so does her boyfriend. And she likes her boyfriend quite a bit, as well. They like each other so much that they are totally wrapped up in that about 99% of the time.
But her boyfriend was out of town this weekend.
From what I understand, Alli filled her weekend with play dates so tightly packed she barely had time to shower and find a different low-cut shirt in between them, and I'm not even sure it's over yet. I also gather that there might have been a bit of too-much-birthday going on with that situation.
But I am a Lucky Person. I got to play first.

Alli showed up at my room exactly on time. She was very good. We are not so very good (it's not our job, in this context) so Boy was actually out taking care of another obligation, and I was sitting around watching TV-on-the-Internet.
Previous to her arrival, I has asked that she e-mail me with her interests. In response, I got this:

i like getting tied up. also i like getting
hit with things, although i like stingy/teasy things a lot a lot as
opposed to thuddy things like the boy likes. ummmm in not hitting
terms i also like teasy things in general. very much. general evil, i
suppose. i am bad at this game! is this enough email?

Which cracked me up and made me go "awwww," but did not tell me very much that I didn't already know.
So when she arrived I asked her if she wanted to be suspended, or merely tied to the ceiling. She opted for suspension, and she opted to be suspended face-up, so I got working on a chest harness that would be comfortable for that type of thing. I was just finishing up when Boy arrived to help rig the hip harness and get her in the air.

From there it is sort of a blur. There was a lot of use of a magic want and a lot of use of the variac, a lovely machine which takes a magic wand from being a two speed vibrator (that's "high" and "too high") to an infinitely adjustable instrument of sexy torture.

At this point I should mention just how much I like giving girls orgasms. I love giving girls orgasms. I got to do so with our friend S a while back, and it was most excellent. I have had very few opportunities since, and so when I get the chance I tend to make the most of it. My magic-wand-and-variac combination really helps.

Playing with Alli was simple. Tie her up, hit her, make her squeal, stop hitting her, take out the magic wand, make her pant and moan and squeal some more, untie her, and do it all again.

She informed me that it is difficult to make her come, and also informed me that I succeeded. I had fun demonstrating that once you've made a lady orgasm once, if you know what you're doing it only gets easier to make them orgasm again. And again. And again.

I don't know how many time she came. I'm not sure she knows how many times she came.
I do know that when we were finally done we were happy and exhausted, some hours had passed, and Boy and I didn't know whether we wanted to collapse or jump each other.

I am so lucky to have gorgeous girls with gorgeous titties that I can play with on occasion, and so lucky to have a gorgeous Boy to help me play with them. I am lucky that I got to go first in Alli's weekend of insanity, and lucky to have her in my life in general.

I hope the rest of her weekend goes well.

I'm going to bask in my good fortune for a while.


Anonymous Dov said...

He needs to market that Variac I see major sales ;-)

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bahahahahahaha, I is famous!

Switchface did not mention that my breasts are multicolored now! Paint stirrer thingies are mean!

- Alli, apparently?

5:56 PM  
Blogger Gander said...

Paint stirrer thingies are indeed mean. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

G and G

10:13 PM  
Blogger maymay said...

You are indeed a lucky person. So is Alli!

5:51 AM  

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