Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shiny New Name

So, here's the truth. I've switched rooms, and no longer have the bed with all the eyehooks in. And on top of that, neither Boy nor I have a particularly strong leather fetish. It's pretty, but we're a bit too poor and a bit too lazy to really love the stuff. What's more, while I still consider myself to be at the beginning of my life and the beginning of my experiences with BDSM, it's been a few years. It's not the very beginning anymore. I'm not sure that the fact that we're close to the beginning is what's important anymore.
And on top of that, I don't really have a food blog anymore. And I don't really have a daily journal anymore. This is the only blog I love enough to keep up at all, and I think I would like to share with the people who read it some things that are not expressly about BDSM. Thoughts on the world and such.
And even yet another good reason to change the bloody name already: I am entering the blogosphere. Last night I spent a contented few minutes clicking from the links Boy put up on my blog to other people's blogs, and then clicking back. And apparently there'll be some pictures of me up on Monk's blog, as we sent him a few of myself tied up in a rope slut shirt. And I actually know several of the people on my blogroll, and they know me, but there are people out there who read them (and might read me!) who I don't know. Who they don't know.
And so? A New Name. I like it. I do feel very daring, yes indeed. And like a dime-novel heroine.
In other news, I have been in a sour mood all day, and it's spoiling everything. There was just one too many things: a shift of work, a meeting that starts at 10:00pm and will likely run till 4:00am, the need to buy snacks for said meeting, and lots and lots and lots of work, all due more or less Friday. Coupled with crappy interactions with Boy last night that spilled over into today, and I am just a fun fest (in the way that means exactly the opposite of that).
BUT, a friend is taking my shift of work, which means I can just work till I need to buy snacks and do that right before the meeting, I'm actually fairly on top of work, there's just a lot of it, I discovered that I've done much better on previous work than I had expected, and things will ok.
Wish me luck, I may even get to have sex tonight.
Oh, gods, I'd better.


Anonymous maymay said...

I know what you mean about the beginning not being the very beginning….

I tangentially monitor Monk's blog because he seems cool, but you shall have to let me know when the pictures of you make it up, when they do. :)

Also, it is funny what you can find is in a name—if you put it there.

And also, I hope you got your sex tonight—cuz that's just good karma. :D

1:23 AM  
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