Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh God I'm Tired

I fell asleep on my floor. I was reading a book, propped up on some pillows, and then I was out for about half an hour.
I have a whole helluva lot of work to do, but my brain is not going to be bent to it, and that's that. I must rest in the belief that my brain will get fixed and time will somehow make itself available.
Why am I so tired, you ask? Well, I haven't really stopped. Not since Floating World, that most fabulous of events. Where I learned how to properly throw a single tail, a skill which I hope to improve to the point where it might, at some point, be useful in play. Where I met amazing people, made friends, reached out, and mostly just hung an alarming number of lovely individuals in the air. With a chain hoist. Our first shot at non static bondage. It was pretty great to be able to actually stand beneath the stomach of somebody we'd hung in the air.
I sadly did not get to go up so high, but I was put in a suspension on my side, and in an inverted vertical, both of which were fun and cool, if a bit hard on the body. After the event, we came back, packed up the apartment, drove out of New York City in a U-Haul, moved into our rooms (mostly) and attempted to get classes and help handle a lot of situations that have been stewing here all summer.
So I'm exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.
Tomorrow is the first meeting of our little group. It'll be good to have it a reality again, and to discuss all the cool possibilities that Floating World opened up for us. It'll be good to eat pizza after.
I hope to blog more often as I've got huge amounts to say. But I can't promise.
Right now I can't really promise I'll be awake at dinner time.
Still: I exist. And a shout out to all of the fabulous folks we met, the short one and the tall one, the sweet one and the one that calls him hers, and the Bear who showed us around, showed us the ropes, and generally helped to make the trip exceptional.
Boy and I both hope to see you all very soon indeed.


Blogger Jefferson said...

Floating World was great for learning rope, I thought.

8:59 PM  
Blogger maymay said...

I am equally exhausted and will use that fact as an explanation for my tardy communiqu├ęs.

I hope your first Friday meeting of the school year was successful!

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Maja said...


2:31 AM  
Anonymous Dov said...

Cool finally found your Blog LOL. Was lots of fun and an interesting event, glad it meant so much to you guys ;-)

7:17 PM  

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