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One of the first things I knew about Boy was that he always carried a knife. When we were merely two randy college kids (which we still are now, but there's more between us) who used their mouths to get eachother off alot, he would always unload all the pointy things from his pockets when he walked into my room. Keys, often a wrench or screw driver, and always his knife, which was actually clipped to the waistband of his pants, not in his pocket. He later told me he only did this when he was certain he'd be getting some. Charming, ne?
Anyhow, Boy tries very hard to keep his knives sharp. Or if he doesn't, he knows how sharp they are. I, as a cook, have one or two good knives that I like to be kept very sharp. I have sharpened them myself and Boy has sharpened them for me, and some day I will get them professionally sharpened. I like knives that can cut a tomato without denting the skin or displacing the seeds.
This is to give you an understanding of what I think of when I think of knives.
Yesterday I saw someone insert a knive into both someone else's cunt and their ass.
When Boy tried, over and over again, to get this person to tell us about how sharp the knives where, the answer we got was "They're sharp".
Now, this fellow had quite a few knives. Some of them were very small (in fact, some of them were scalples) and some of them were not. In fact, some of them were those knives that have two curving blades and a handhold in the middle. They were mostly very shiny, chrome-like silver, and they were often ornate. The knives that fantasy buffs buy for too much money and display and feel tough about.
I'm sorry, am I letting my opinion of knives like this slip through a bit too much?
The thing is, I like knives. I like chef's knives and butcher's knives and hunting knives. I like pocket knives. I even like switchblades and butterfly knives, but I'm terrified of them and I know them to be illegal. I like knives that are knives, and if a knife is to be art, it better be art because it is so sharp and flawless and well made that it can't be called anything else.
Not because somebody embedded a glass jewel in the dragon's eye in the molded hilt.
I saw this person who had these knives drag them up and down the skin, and tap them across a very pierced cunt. Depending on the knife, it was sometimes hot and sometimes silly. And I saw him insert these knives, and bring them both out bloodless, and I thought: it would not be safe to do that with any knife I could respect in the morning.
And also: I want to be able to feel what's insert in my cunt, not try very hard to relax because it might cut me inside.
This fellow told us that he'd had ladies really go at it fucking knives, and I thought, gee. What sort of knife was that?
He instructed us never to practice with anything duller than what we would use in the actual scene, and that I thought was good advice. But it looked to me that the knives he was using were the sort of knives I'd use for dull practice. That's probably an exaggeration, but still.
Finally, he did two cuttings. One he did with a scalple. Just a tiny little cut, clean and bleeding mildly. It was beautiful. I have in the past had trouble keeping myself away from knives when I was unhappy, and I think I would enjoy giving that power to somebody else. And of course, I trust Boy never to do anything to me he thought could do me harm.
The other cutting caused us to leave earlier than we might have done otherwise, and upset Boy. Long time readers may have noticed that that is saying something.
This fellow took a short sword, carven of pomel and shiny of blade, and put it to this woman's breast, and dragged it down. It didn't do much, so he changed the angle and did it again, harder, and again, and again, and again. In the end, she had a red scratch, and no cut.
These were the knives he had told us, over and over again, were 'sharp'.
And waht is more, he was putting alot of force behind a kife in a position that, had the knife broken the skin, would have plunged it deep into her breast. Boy described it to me as a very effective and very hard to control way of cutting, and while I hadn't had a term for it (he does, and I can't remember it), I sort of instinctively knew that doing that was Bad.
We are Jay Wiseman and Lady Green. We spend our time educating people who know even less about this stuff than we do, and have even less experiance. Watching something poorly explained and uncarefully done in a demo just unsettles us to the core.

That said, I want to try knife play and fire play, both. We are also looking into Bondage for bondage's sake, harder positions without any sexual element during the scene to distract from what the rope is doing to the body. We are looking forward to Floating World and having a hardpoint again.

One final thought: This fellow, who showed us fire play and cutting and inserted knives into this ladie's orifices, explained that, for him, bondage is edge play. Apparently it causes alot of shoulder injuries.

How about that?


Blogger Goose and Gander said...

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10:14 AM  
Anonymous maymay said...

I've seen similar demos performed and had similar reactions of, well, repulsion. There's a lot of egotism in kink education that is just plain stupid, and entirely unhelpful.

When tops like that do those kinds of presentations, they are not educational events, they are advertisements. And presenting them in any other way is ethically reprehensible.

That said, even dull knives are scary and can feel really sharp to a helpless captive. And that can be sexy. Really sexy. :)

While not really mine I don't think she'll mind it when I say that, Eileen (my girlfriend and Floating World staff member in charge of event programming) has a lovely knife collection that you are hereby invited to peruse.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Dov said...

Hmm how sharp was that well actually think emmory paper dull.
Old trick for just softening the edge emmory paper to take the sharp off just enough you can cut paper your not gonna cut skin unless you really work at it.

A lot of Knife play in the scene is really more about mind games than really sharp objects. Which to people who know something about knives is kind of a waste, May is kind of right about demos like that being more advertising than teaching however there really isn't much teaching in the scene about how to teach.

There is also very little in the scene about how to book people who have something to teach, most people involved in booking people for events or for groups are looking for flash and not really skill its that WOW factor "I have never seen that before" which for the person coming to learn is pretty useless.

For events and groups tho its as much about attendance as it is about well, teaching, I know one group in NYC which if teaching happens its more by dint of having a really good presenter than anything else. Focus for the people running the group is more about demo/show than anything else.

That being said did I mention my antique straight razor collection its not that big but is shiny and mmmmmm sharp!

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Spring Assisted Knives said...

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1:23 AM  

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