Sunday, September 09, 2007

Things I Miss

1) Doing Scenes.

In my head, there is a distinct difference between Kinky Sex and Doing A Scene. Boy and I have a lot of kinky sex. In fact, Boy and I rarely, if ever, have non-kinky sex. Somebody is generally dominant, wrists are pinned, maybe a bit of rope employed. Nails are used, pressure points, a lot of growling. We're just kinda, y'know... kinky.

Doing a scene is a different thing. Scenes involve planning on the part of the Dominant, the submissive, or both. Scenes involve more elaborate bondage, or various different implements, sensations, or lack of sensations employed. Scenes might have some role play, and almost certainly have more defined roles. Scenes take some time, and have quite a large non-sexual component, be it flogging or punching or suspension or whatever it may be.

Scenes take up quite a bit of the Brain.

Boy and I are running on about 5% brain capacity. We both have theses, we're starting classes up, we've got this society/house that takes up a lot of time and energy, everything is up in the air, we can hardly remember how to study, hell, we have to put plans into our little kink group -- we have no Brain left for scenes.

But we miss them.

So here's my thought: Strict Thesis Advisor, Lazy and Ill Prepared Student role play. It's a whole new twist on the School Marm thing. I can punish him for not working! He can punish me for not working!
Or, wait. That probably wouldn't be very good incentive for either of us to work.
How about: Over Joyed Thesis Advisor, Very Hard Working Student role play. I can reward him for working! He can reward me for working! We'll never, ever have to stop thinking about our thesis! Food will explode out of my brain! The Theater will never be the same!

Ok. Breathing. Breath in, breath out. Perhaps combining Scenes with Theses is not the best way of solving this problem. I think actually it will solve itself. As bizarre as it seems, we've only been here a week. We will figure out our schedule and when we have time: last year we had Wednesdays put aside for scenes. It was a bad idea, because then Wednesday rolled around and neither of us was feeling inspired, when on Saturday we'd been raring to go. I think we'll just say "look, two hour a week we'll be Sceneing. It'll happen when it happens, and we'll accept it as a necessary use of time for our continued sanity."

There'll be little enough keeping that in place this year.


Anonymous Týr said...

So the things that you miss are not in any way plural...

Maja and I don't play as often as we'd like. Life has a habit of getting in the way of such things, as do roommates who don't want to hear any impact toys.

Don't worry about it. This will pass once your theses are over, though the roleplay idea is an interesting and apt one. After your theses are handed in you can smack each other around to your hearts content.

I eagerly await the other things you miss...

12:50 AM  

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