Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Inner Child - 1, Thesis Monster - 0

Take that, busy-stressed-out-not-eating-right-not-getting-enough-sleep-type-schedule!
Last night at around one or two in the morning, after working all night, Boy and I pulled our harried selves together and did what needed to be done.
We built a fort. Boy built it, actually, out of my big purple blanket and, of course, some rope. There's a big tent over his bed, now. Of course then we didn't have a blanket on the bed, so I had to go get my comforter. Then we curled up in our little fort and shortly after that we fucked.
I have a feeling I'm going to have to start apologizing to neighbors again.

This was not a scene, but it came after two scenes. The more recent of them was a fairly intense role-play scene. Here is something that does not come out way too much: Boy is a puppy. He is my big, fuzzy puppy. This is a very private, but very important, form of play for us. He recently expressed interest in, in his words, "a visit to the vet". A more impersonal form of play with the puppy. This we did, and it was fairly exceptional. I examined him for prowess and ability in all those things that my puppy needs to do. My puppy does not need to be able to fetch, particularly. He needs to be fit and healthy, and I did examine all parts of his body, from legs to teeth. But he also needs to be able to preform his boy-puppy duties. So we used the inflatable butt plug to test his ability to take things in his bum, and we tested how well he could use his mouth, and we tested how well he could fuck. I was very pleased with the scene. It was a nice melding of concepts, and we kept up roles for the entirety. It was fun to be the Nice Lady Vet instead of the doting or disciplining owner.

Puppy says he'll need to continue to have regular visits to the vet every couple of months, which sounds good to me, as well.

This came after, a few days before, an intense rope scene by the Boy. I seem to recall being tied into a little ball, rolled on my back and fucked. There were other ties before that, and I know that I stayed in difficult bondage for a longer time than we usually leave it, which is good. Boy and I practice Comfort Bondage much of the time, but I think it's definitely worthwhile to have to really work for it every once in a while.

So: last time I posted about missing scenes, I got a comment from Tyr saying that we'd have plenty of time to scene when the thesis was over. That is unacceptable to us, and while I'm sure we won't always have time to scene once a week, I don't think we'll be waiting till the end of the year, either.

So take that, Thesis Monster.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe... not only points for the inner child, but points for playing, too... puppies and punching and fierce little monsters. fierce little monsters can beat thesis monsters anyday!
and eyebolts... mmm.!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous maymay said...

:D! Yay for (verifiably) healthy puppies!

1:29 PM  

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