Monday, March 24, 2008


As noted in the previous post, Boy and I are a little stressed out right now. We are also clawing our way back into communicating the way we find most healthy (most healthy is not easy and not always fun, so we sort of lapse without realizing it, and then have to get back to it, which usually takes a few hard conversations and some tears on either side).

We stay up late, we get our dynamic off track, and I have this stupid habit of bleeding for five days a month out of my vag... so we have not been getting to have sex NEARLY as often as we like.

Last night, apparently, it was time to remedy that situation with an, ahem, double-whammy.

What we were going to do was shower and then come back and have lovely sex and go to sleep.

But then I was lying down for a second and Boy decided he would really like to lie on top of me. And move his hips like that. And so I started moving my hips, like you do, and then things started moving sort of quickly. And he unbuttoned his pants, and reached under me to unbutton, unzip and pull down my pants, and there I lay, in a sweater and a t-shirt and boots and tights and pants and panties all pulled down to show nothing naked but my bottom.

I complained a bit. Usually I love this type of disheveled, half-dressed sex. I like it when Boy leaves some of my clothes on. It feels hot and desperate and high-school and like his want of me is big and scary and delicious. But I missed his skin, and I wanted to wrap my entire body around him because it had been so long. But I liked it, so I settled for taking off the sweater and getting fucked with my face pushed into the mattress in nothing but my T-shirt and my bra and my panties and my tights and my jeans and my boots, by a Boy who does not wear nearly so much clothing, but was still in his T-shirt and pants.

I tried not to scream. I dunno if I succeeded.

So then we showered off our sweat and came back and lay around and Boy said I could get another orgasm if I wanted. And eventually I said, well, sure, that'd be lovely. At this point we were both naked, having seen no particular reason to re-cloth ourselves after the shower when we felt so languorous and clean.

So Boy kissed my lips and my collarbones and my neck and my nipples and the undersides of my breasts and my belly and my hips and then things really started to get exciting. By the time I'd had my orgasm and then another orgasm and then we'd moved so that I was lying over the edge of the bed and he was kneeling on the floor, face pressed into me as I rocked and moaned, eyes wide, I thought he might like a bit of attention himself. And so I looked down and asked him if he'd like to be in me, and he nodded (which was fun all on its own), and then there came up onto the bed with me.

The lovely thing about a boy who's already gotten off once is that they really take their sweet time about getting off again, so there was time for much moaning and gasping and further gyrating until I came so hard my vision went sparkly and Boy collapsed on top of me and we sort of giggled for a while.

I really like having sex with him.


Blogger Switch said...

mmm, sex.
and sparkly-vision.
and puppy dog tails, too (though that's another post entirely)

5:43 PM  
Blogger Mischief said...

Spontaneous sex is one of my favorite things.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Týr said...

Totally not on the topic of this post, but you've been tagged for a meme.

If possible, I'd like to see both of you answer this one.

11:40 PM  

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