Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fighting the Tide

I was in my second year of college when I started this blog. That was, then, about three years ago, maybe a little more. It was some time within a year of when Goose and Gander started theirs, and well over a year before Mischief started his. I have been remiss in writing nearly as long as I've been writing, but I want everybody who still reads to know this right now:

I am not about to stop writing.

Since I've been blogging I've found that, as in every other community, blogging comes in waves. One day everybody's talking about gender, next we're all on about femdom and then later about how to relate to our vanilla friends. Or some such. The most recent wave, it seems, is not blogging at all... the more we write, the more we make each other think and want to write about the same things we were thinking about. The less we write, the less we provoke writing in each other.

That said, I started this blog three years ago because I could hardly deal with everything that was going on, with the fact that normal people, even my BEST FRIENDS didn't know that when I closed the bedroom door the folk-music-loving, argyle-knee-sock-wearing girl they knew crawled around on her knees for a Boy that really wasn't very good for her. Right?

I started this blog for me, I keep writing it for me, and for Boy. I never bit at memes, even when I wanted to, I never remember to update my blogroll (in fact, Boy made it in the first place). I think I never really became a part of the sex-bloggin' community, and maybe that's the only thing that's saving this blog. Because when I don't write for a long time, as has happened between nearly every post, I don't decide that means I don't want to write anymore. The blog is not a subject of such thought or guilt or worry, most of the time. Just a thing I do when I have things to write about.

I will miss the blogs that are going. I have loved reading them, have learned about myself because of them, have learned about my way of life and about the lives of both strangers and people I love. I have no idea if I'll post more often, but a long gap between posts doesn't mean I've stopped. I'm not stopping. Just slow.


Anonymous maymay said...

I do pretty much the same thing. :) I miss you and I like it when you post because I miss you, but I like your posts because they're for you, not for me. 'Til next time.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Goose said...

It's all about the balance. I'll keep writing too, I'm just learning out the ebb and flow goes. XO

9:59 PM  

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